World GK Quiz Questions and Answers 2024

Explore this World GK Quiz 2024 and solve 200+ important GK questions on global events. We have added both MCQs and one-liner questions.

50+ New Questions on world GK quiz

Question – 1: Which is the capital of Iceland?

a. Hafnarfjordur

b. Reykjavik

c. Selfoss

d. Vik

Answer: B (Reykjavik)

Question – 2: What is the national game of Bangladesh?

a. Cricket

b. Football

c. Kabaddi

d. Shooting

Answer: C (Kabaddi)

Question – 3: In which year the First World War begun?

a. 1912

b. 1913

c. 1914

d. 1915

Answer: C (1914)

Question – 4: Every year World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated on

a. 8th May

b. 18th May

c. 8th June

d. 18th June

Answer: A (8th May)

Question – 5: In which year the second world war begun?

a. 1938

b. 1939

c. 1940

d. 1941

Answer: B (1939)

Question – 6: Which one of the following is the tallest building in the world?

a. Sanghai Tower

b. Eiffel Tower

c. Petronas Twin Tower

d. Burj Khalifa

Answer: D (Burj Khalifa)

Question – 7: Which of the following country/ region has the highest population density in the world?

a. Monaco

b. Macau

c. Hong Kong

d. Singapore

Answer: B (Macau)

Question – 8: Which is the largest continent in the world both population and area-wise?

a. North America

b. Europe

c. Africa

d. Asia

Answer: D (Asia)

Question – 9: Which is the longest river in the world?

a. Yangtze

b. Amazon

c. Ganga

d. Nile

Answer: D (Nile)

Question – 10: Which is the largest library in the world?

a. Russian state library – Russia

b. British-Indian library – India

c. Library of Congress – United States

d. Library and Archives – Canada

Answer: C (Library of Congress – United States)

Question – 11: Which city has the highest population in the world?

a. London – United Kingdom

b. New York – United States

c. Mumbai – India

d. Tokyo – Japan

Answer: D (Tokyo – Japan)

Question – 12: Which planet has maximum moons or natural satellites?

a. Saturn

b. Uranus

c. Jupiter

d. Neptune

Answer: C (Jupiter)

Question – 13: Which planet is also known by the name of red planet?

a. Jupitor

b. Earth

c. Mercury

d. Mars

Answer: D (Mars)

Question – 14: Which place in the world has highest average rainfall?

a. Mawsynram, India

b. Cherrapunzi, India

c. Lopez de Micay, Colombia

d. Lloro, Colombia

Answer: A (Mawsynram, India)

Question – 15: Which one of the following is the smallest bird in the world?

a. The Goldcrest

b. The Bee hummingbird

c. The Pardalote

d. The Weebill

Answer: B (The Bee hummingbird)

Question – 16: Which one of the following is the largest bird in the world?

a. Ostrich

b. South Cassowary

c. North Cassowary

d. Emu

Answer: A (Ostrich)

Question – 17: Which is the smallest continent in the world?

a. Africa

b. Australia

c. South America

d. North America

Answer: B (Australia)

Question – 18: Which is the farthest planet from the sun in our solar system?

a. Saturn

b. Uranus

c. Neptune

d. Jupiter

Answer: C (Neptune)

Question – 19: Which country hosted Olympics 2020?

a. Australia

b. Japan

c. Brazil

d. China

Answer: B (Japan)

Question – 20: Which city will host Olympics 2024?

a. New York

b. Sydney

c. Beijing

d. Paris

Answer: D (Paris)

Question – 21: In which continent does Brazil lies in ?

a. Europe

b. South America

c. North America

d. Africa

Answer: B (South America)

Question – 22: Which of the following companies is the world’s largest maker of computer chips?

a. Microsoft

b. AMD

c. Intel

d. Dell

Answer: C (Intel)

Question – 23: Mercedes-Benz has it’s headquarter in which country?

a. Austria

b. Germany

c. France

d. Poland

Answer: B (Germany)

Question – 24: Who was the first man to fly into space?

a. Rakesh Sharma (India)

b. Neil Armstrong (U.S.A)

c. Yuri Gagarin (Russia)

d. Michael Collins (U.S.A)

Answer: C Michael Collins (U.S.A)

Question – 25: What was the name of the spacecraft, that landed the first humans on moon?

a. Apollo 9

b. Apollo 10

c. Apollo 11

d. Apollo 12

Answer: C (Apllo 11)

Question – 26: What is the name of the first spacecraft that reach the Mars?

a. Apollo 12

b. Viking-1

c. Sputnik

d. GSLV-5

Answer: B (Viking-1)

Question – 27: National amblem of which of these countries shows a Lion carrying a sword

a. Sri lanka

b. Saudi Arabia

c. Bangladesh

d. India

Answer: A (Sri lanka)

Question – 28: In which city of the United States the Facebook haedquarter is located?

a. Redmond, Washington

b. Menlo Park, California

c. Mountain View, California

d. Washington, D.C.

Answer: B (Menlo Park, California)

Question – 29: GlONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) is developed by which of the following country

a. United Kingdom

b. Russia

c. Germany

d. France

Answer: B (Russia)

Question – 30: Which country holds the record for most olympic medals won at single olympics?

a. China

b. UK


d. USA

Answer: D (USA)

Question – 31: Cow is the national animal of which of the following countries?

a. India

b. Bhutan

c. Nepal

d. Sri Lanka

Answer: C (Nepal)

Question – 32: Tiger is the national animal of which country?

a. India

b. Germany

c. Israel

d. Nepal

Answer: A (India)

Question – 33: In which city of the United States, the headquarters of Google are located?

a. Washington, D.C.

b. Redmond, Washington

c. Menlo Park, California

d. Mountain View, California

Answer: D (Mountain View, California)

Question – 34: Which of the following countries withdrew from European Union through Brexit process?

a. France

b. Germany

c. Austria

D. United Kingdom

Answer: D (United Kingdom)

Question – 35: How many countries are there in Australian continent?

a. 24

b. 12

c. 2

d. 4

Answer: D 4

Question – 36: Where is the headquarter of the UN?

a. New York

b. Rome

c. Munich

d. London

Answer: A (New York)

Question – 37: How many rings are there in the Olympics symbol?

a. 3

b. 4

c. 5

d. 6

Answer: C (5)

Question – 38: Which of these countries has never hosted an Olympic game?

a. India

b. Brazil

c. China

d. Australia

Answer: A (India)

Question – 39: Which one of these cities is not the capital city of a country?

a. Kabul

b. Kathmandu

c. Islamabad

d. Paro

Answer: D (Paro)

Question – 40: What is the full form of OPEC?

a. Organization of the Pottasium Exporting Countries (OPEC)

b. Organization of the Pacific Engagement Countries (OPEC)

c. Organization of the Petroleum Emerging Countries (OPEC)

d. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

Answer: D (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC))

Question – 41: In which year the first modern Olympics were held?

a. Athens in Greece

b. Moscow in Russia

c. Tokyo in Japan

d. Rio in Brazil

Answer: A (Athens in Greece)

Question – 42: The world’s first intercity rail line was between

a. Moscow and St. Petersburg

b. Liverpool and Manchester

c. Rome and Naples

d. Washington and New York

Answer: B (Liverpool and Manchester)

Question – 43: Which of these countries has never won a Football world cup?

a. United States

b. Uruguay

c. Italy

d. France

Answer: A (United States)

Question – 44: Which city hosted the first ever commonwealth games?

a. New Delhi, India

b. Sydney, Australia

c. London, U.K.

d. Hamilton, Canada

Answer: D (Hamilton, Canada)

Question – 45: What is the background colour of the olympic flag?

a. White

b. Yellow

c. Light Blue

d. Red

Answer: A (White)

Question – 46: Which of these countries does not share land border with Russia?

a. Belarus

b. Kazakhstan

c. Mongolia

d. Poland

Answer: D (Poland)

Question – 47: What is common among the following cities?





a. All are capital cities

b. All are island cities

c. All cities have hosted Commonwealth games

d. All cities are in Asia

Answer: D (All cities are in Asia)

Question – 48: Which of these countries is not in South America?

a. Panama

b. Uruguay

c. Venezuela

d. Brazil

Answer: A (Panama)

Question – 49: Which of the following countries is not in North America?

a. Canada

b. Mexico

c. Jamaica

d. Argentina

Answer: D (Argentina)

Question – 50: Tbilisi is the capital of which city?

a. Iran

b. South Korea

c. Georgia

d. North Korea

Answer: C (Georgia)

Question 51: When was Chandrayaan 3 launched?

a. 14 July 2023

b. 21 July 2023

c. 4 August 2023

d. 15 August 2023

Answer: a. 14 July 2023

Question 52: What is the landing date of Chandrayaan 3?

a. 17 August 2023

b. 23 August 2023

c. 24 August 2023

d. 14 August 2023

Answer: b. 23 August 2023

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