Hindu Calendar 2024, Know The Dates of Hindu Festivals and Tithis as per Panchang

Hindu calendar 2024 includes dates of all festivals of Hindus celebrated around the world. Hinduism has around 1.161 Billion followers worldwide.

“The Hindu calendar is also known as Hindu Panchang. It is followed by Hindus around the globe for various social and religious purposes. It is quite a unique calendar because it is based on  both solar as well as lunar cycles.”

Hinduism is the world’s third-largest religion, with about one billion adherents worldwide. This amazing religion is known for having a large number of festivals. In the year 2024, all these festivals will be celebrated on the basis of the Hindu Calendar 2024. It lists all the important vrats, tithis, and festivals of Hindus. It also helps to establish the correct time for important Hindu rituals such as weddings and starting new businesses.

The Hindu calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar in many ways. One of the major differences is that unlike the western calendar, it doesn’t add additional days to the month to adjust for the mismatch between 12 lunar cycles and 365 solar days. Instead, it inserts an entire month after every 32 to 33 months. If you are planning for some important life event like marriage or buying something expensive then you should know the Hindu Calendar 2024. It is important to plan such things on the correct mahurat to make them auspicious.

2024 Hindu Festivals Calendar

Let’s go through Hindu festival Panchang 2024 or calendar for various months of the year.

Significant Hindu Festivals in January

January is the first month as per the Gregorian Calendar. This month marks several key festivals of Hindus such as Makar Sankranti and Pongal. Apart from this, the republic day of India also falls in this month. The largest number of Hindus live in India. So, it is a big festival for them as well.

Vrats & Tyohars in February

2024 is a leap year. So, it is going to be 29 days in the month of February. Still, it is the shortest month of the year. The most significant Hindu festival in this month is Basant Panchmi. Apart from this, other important days are also there such as Magha Punima Vrat.

Hindu Festivals in March 2024

The month of March is the third month in the western calendar, which falls in the season of spring. Generally, this is also the month of the Phalguna as per the Hindu Panchang. Houses are cleaned, new clothes are made and the land is prepared for cultivation during this month. However, it depends on the region.  The festival of Holi will fall on 25th March 2024.

Major Hindu Festivals in April

The name April comes from the Latin Aprilis, which is the fourth month of the Latin year. According to the hindu calendar, April falls in the months of Chaitra and Vaisakha. This month is going to have many major Hindu festivals such as Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti.

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Hindi Festivals in May 2024

The month of May also has a lot of significance and tradition. It starts with a May Day holiday in many states on 1st May. This Gregorian month generally falls in the Hindu months of Vaishakha and Jyestha. Numerous festivals such as Ekadashi, Pradosh Vrat, Narasimha Jayanti, Buddha Purnima etc will fall in May 2024.

Hindu Panchang June 2024

Generally, June falls in the Hindu months of Jyaistha and Asadha. Not many major festivals fall during this month. However, many important Ekadashi and Vrats are observed.  

Significant Hindu Festivals in July 2024

July can be defined as the month of Rath Yatra for Hindus. In north India, another major festival i.e. Hariyali Teej falls in July. Asadha and Sravana are the lunar months corresponding to July.

August 2024 Hindu Calendar

The month of August corresponds with Shravan month of the Hindu Calendar. Shravan is the most auspicious month for Hindus. This month is dedicated to lord shiva. In addition to this the independence day of India also falls in August.

Festivals in September

September is a lovely month that provides a balance of hot and cool. It is a very important month for the Hindus because it is the month of festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Indira Ekadashi. Teacher’s Day is another famous Indian Festival that falls in September.

Festivals in October

Every year, the month of October sees a large number of Hindu Festivals. Similarly, in 2024, it will have an array of festivals like Dussehra, and Karva Chauth. The corresponding Hindu months for October are Asvina and Kartika.

Hindu Calendar November 2024

As per the Hindu Calendar, it is the month of a full moon. It corresponds with the month Kartika which is considered very auspicious. The biggest festival of Hindus i.e. Diwali will fall in November. Several fairs and religious celebrations will also take place in November 2024.

Hindu Vrat and Festivals in December

Most of the time, the hindu months of Margashirsha and Pausha fall in December. It is the last month of the Gregorian calendar. Not many festivals fall in this month. However, some important Tithis and Vrats are observed this month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who invented Hindu Calendar?

Aryabhata and Varahamihira in the 5th to 6th Century

What is Hindu Calendar based on?

It is a lunisolar calendar based on both solar and lunar cycles.

It is a lunisolar calendar based on both solar and lunar cycles

12 lunar months. However, we get a 13-month year after every three years. 

When is the Hindu New Year 2024?

20th March 2024, Wednesday.

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