List of Observances in International in 2023 – Check the list of all important international days in 2023

There are many special occasions that are celebrated and observed all around the globe. In fact, every month of the year has various special days observed across the planet. It is good to know about these days as it can help boost your general knowledge. It is possible that you might have heard about some of these days. However, some of the days might be completely new for you.  You should check the list of observances in International in 2023 if you are preparing for any government job exam. In this post, we are going to provide the complete list of International Observances in 2023.

International Holidays/ Observances in 2023

List of International Observances in 2023

International/  Observance in January 2023

01/ 01/ 2023 New Year
04/ 01/ 2023 World Braille Day
06/ 01/ 2023 World War Orphans Day
07/ 01/ 2023 International Programmers’ Day
14/ 01/ 2023 World Logic Day
15/ 01/ 2023 Wikipedia Day
17/ 01/ 2023 World Religion Day
19/ 01/ 2023 Popcorn Day
21/ 01/ 2023 International Hugging Day
24/ 01/ 2023 International Day of Education
24/ 01/ 2023 World Leprosy Day
26/ 01/ 2023 International Customs Day
27/ 01/ 2023 Family Literacy Day
28/ 01/ 2023 Data Privacy Day
29/ 01/ 2023 World Leprosy Day
31/ 01/ 2023 International Zebra Day

International/  Observance in February 2023

01/ 02/ 2023 World Aspergillosis Day
01/ 02/ 2023 World Hijab Day
02/ 02/ 2023 Groundhog Day
02/ 02/ 2023 World Wetlands Day
04/02/2023 World Cancer Day
05/02/2023 World Nutella Day
06/02/2023 Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
06/02/2023 No Phone Day
06/02/2023 International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
07/02/2023 International Safer Internet Day
10/02/2023 World Pulses Day
11/02/2023 International Day of Women and Girls in Science
11/02/2023 World Day of the Sick
12/02/2023 Darwin Day
13/02/2023 World Radio Day
14/02/2023 Saint Valentine’s Day
14/02/2023 World Bonobo Day
15/02/2023 International Childhood Cancer Day
15/02/2023 Singles Awareness Day
15/02/2023 World Hippopotamus Day
17/02/2023 Random Acts of Kindness Day
20/02/2023 World Day of Social Justice
20/02/2023 World Pangolin Day
21/02/2023 International Mother Language Day
21/02/2023 International Tourist Guide Day
22/02/2023 World Scout Day
22/02/2023 World Thinking Day
27/02/2023 International Polar Bear Day
27/02/2023 World Sustainable Energy Day
28/02/2023 World Day without Facebook

International/  Observance in March 2023

01/03/2023 Self-Injury Awareness Day
01/03/2023 World Civil Defence Day
01/03/2023 Zero Discrimination Day
01/03/2023 World Compliment Day
01/03/2023 World Tennis Day
02/03/2023 Employee Appreciation Day
03/03/2023 World Wildlife Day
04/03/2023 World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development
08/03/2023 International Women’s Day
10/03/2023 Middle Name Pride Day
10/03/2023 No Smoking Day
11/03/2023 World Kidney Day
12/03/2023 Solar Appreciation Day
12/03/2023 World Glaucoma Day
14/03/2023 International Day of Action for Rivers
14/03/2023 International Day of Mathematics
14/03/2023 Pi Day
14/03/2023 Steak and Blowjob Day
15/03/2023 Buzzards Day
15/03/2023 World Consumer Rights Day
15/03/2023 World Contact Day
18/03/2023 Global Recycling Day
19/03/2023 Taxonomist Appreciation Day
19/03/2023 World Sleep Day
20/03/2023 International Day of Happiness
20/03/2023 World Frog Day
20/03/2023 World Oral Health Day
20/03/2023 World Rights to Water Day
20/03/2023 World Sparrow Day
21/03/2023 Anal Cancer Awareness Day
21/03/2023 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
21/03/2023 International Day of Forests
21/03/2023 International Day of Nowruz
21/03/2023 World Down Syndrome Day
21/03/2023 World Planting Day
21/03/2023 World Poetry Day
21/03/2023 World Wood Day
22/03/2023 International Seal Day
22/03/2023 World Water Day
23/03/2023 World Bear Day
23/03/2023 World Meteorological Day
24/03/2023 World Tuberculosis Day
25/03/2023 International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
25/03/2023 Tolkien Reading Day
26/03/2023 Purple Day for Epilepsy
27/03/2023 Earth Hour
27/03/2023 World Theatre Day
30/03/2023 World Bipolar Day
31/03/2023 Manatee Appreciation Day

International/  Observance in April 2023

01/04/2023 April Fool’s Day
02/04/2023 International Children’s Book Day
02/04/2023 Male Escorts’ Day
02/04/2023 World Autism Awareness Day
03/04/2023 World Aquatic Animal Day
04/04/2023 International Day for Mine Awareness
04/04/2023 International Pillow Fight Day
06/04/2023 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
07/04/2023 International Beaver Day
07/04/2023 World Health Day
08/04/2023 Zoo Lovers Day
10/04/2023 Arbor Day
10/04/2023 Siblings Day
10/04/2023 World Homeopathy Day
11/04/2023 Safe Motherhood Day
12/04/2023 Equal Pay Day
15/04/2023 World Art Day
15/04/2023 World Bleeding Disorders Awareness Day
16/04/2023 World Voice Day
17/04/2023 Bat Appreciation Day
17/04/2023 World Hemophilia Day
18/04/2023 International Day for Monuments and Sites
20/04/2023 International day for cannabis-related protests and events
21/04/2023 Day of Silence
21/04/2023 World Fish Migration Day
22/04/2023 World Earth Day
23/04/2023 World Book and Copyright Day
24/04/2023 Fashion Revolution Day
24/04/2023 International Sculpture Day
24/04/2023 World Day for Laboratory Animals
24/04/2023 World Meningitis Day
25/04/2023 DNA day
25/04/2023 World Malaria Day
26/04/2023 World Intellectual Property Day
27/04/2023 International Hyena Day
27/04/2023 World Tapir Day
28/04/2023 World Day for Safety and Health at Work
29/04/2023 Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare
29/04/2023 International Dance Day
30/04/2023 International Jazz Day

International/ Observance in May 2023

01/05/2023 International Labour Day
01/05/2023 World Naked Gardening Day
02/05/2023 World Laughter Day
02/05/2023 World Tuna Day
03/05/2023 International Leopard Day
03/05/2023 Wild Koala Day
03/05/2023 World Press Freedom Day
04/05/2023 Coal Miners Day
04/05/2023 International Firefighters’ Day
04/05/2023 Star Wars Day
04/05/2023 World Asthma Day
05/05/2023 International Midwives Day
05/05/2023 World Portuguese Language Day
06/05/2023 International No Diet Day
07/05/2023 International Masturbation Day
07/05/2023 No Pants Day
07/05/2023 World Athletics Day
07/05/2023 World Password Day
07/05/2023 World Wide Day of Genital Autonomy
08/05/2023 World Donkey Day
08/05/2023 World Fair Trade Day
08/05/2023 World Ovarian Cancer Day
08/05/2023 World Red Cross Day
09/05/2023 Mother’s Day
12/05/2023 International Nurses Day
13/05/2023 World Cocktail Day
14/05/2023 Endangered Species Day
15/05/2023 Armed Forces Day
15/05/2023 International Day of Families
16/05/2023 International Day of Light
16/05/2023 International Day of Living Together in Peace
17/05/2023 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
17/05/2023 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
18/05/2023 International Museum Day
18/05/2023 World AIDS Vaccine Day
19/05/2023 World Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Day
20/05/2023 Global Accessibility Awareness Day
20/05/2023 World Autoimmune / Autoinflammatory Arthritis Day
20/05/2023 World Bee Day
21/05/2023 Bike to Work Day
21/05/2023 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
22/05/2023 International Day for Biological Diversity
23/05/2023 World Turtle Day
25/05/2023 Geek Pride Day
25/05/2023 International Missing Children’s Day
25/05/2023 Towel Day
25/05/2023 World Multiple Sclerosis Day
26/05/2023 World Redhead Day
27/05/2023 World Otter Day
28/05/2023 Menstrual Hygiene Day
29/05/2023 International Day of UN Peacekeepers
31/05/2023 World No-Tobacco Day
31/05/2023 World Parrot Day

International/ Observance in June 2023

01/06/2023 Global Day of Parents
01/06/2023 World Milk Day
01/06/2023 World Reef Day
02/06/2023 Global Running Day
02/06/2023 International Sex Workers Day
03/06/2023 World Bicycle Day
04/06/2023 International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
05/06/2023 World Environment Day
07/06/2023 World Food Safety Day
08/06/2023 World Brain Tumour Day
08/06/2023 World Oceans Day
09/06/2023 Coral Triangle Day
11/06/2023 International Lynx Day
12/06/2023 World Day Against Child Labour
12/06/2023 Global Wellness Day
12/06/2023 World Wide Knit in Public Day
13/06/2023 International Albinism Awareness Day
14/06/2023 World Blood Donor Day
15/06/2023 World Wind Day
16/06/2023 World Sea Turtle Day
17/06/2023 World Croc Day
17/06/2023 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
18/06/2023 Autistic Pride Day
19/06/2023 World Sickle Cell Awareness Day
20/06/2023 World Father’s Day
20/06/2023 World Refugee Day
21/06/2023 Go Skateboarding Day
21/06/2023 International Day of Yoga
21/06/2023 International Surfing Day
21/06/2023 World Giraffe Day
21/06/2023 World Humanist Day
21/06/2023 World Music Day
22/06/2023 World Camel Day
22/06/2023 World Rainforest Day
23/06/2023 International Olympic Day
23/06/2023 International Widow’s Day
24/06/2023 Take Your Dog to Work Day
25/06/2023 World Vitiligo Day
26/06/2023 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
26/06/2023 International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
26/06/2023 World Refrigeration Day
27/06/2023 International PTSD Awareness Day
28/06/2023 CAPS LOCK DAY
30/06/2023 International Asteroid Day

International/ Observance in July 2023

01/07/2023 Doctor’s Day
02/07/2023 World UFO Day
03/07/2023 International Day of Cooperatives
03/07/2023 International Free Hugs Day
06/07/2023 International Kissing Day
06/07/2023 World Zoonoses Day
07/07/2023 World Chocolate Day
11/07/2023 World Population Day
12/07/2023 Malala Day
12/07/2023 Simplicity Day
14/07/2023 International Non-Binary People’s Day
14/07/2023 Shark Awareness Day
14/07/2023 World Chimpanzee Day
14/07/2023 World Orca Day
15/07/2023 World Youth Skills Day
17/07/2023 World Day for International Justice
17/07/2023 World Emoji Day
18/07/2023 Nelson Mandela International Day
20/07/2023 International Chess Day
22/07/2023 Pi Approximation Day
26/07/2023 Esperanto Day
26/07/2023 International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem
28/07/2023 World Hepatitis Day
28/07/2023 World Nature Conservation Day
29/07/2023 International Tiger Day
30/07/2023 International Day of Friendship
30/07/2023 System Administrator Appreciation Day

International/ Observance in August 2023

04/08/2023 International Clouded Leopard Day
06/08/2023 International Beer Day
08/08/2023 International Cat Day
09/08/2023 International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
10/08/2023 World Lion Day
12/08/2023 International Youth Day
12/08/2023 World Elephant Day
13/08/2023 Friday the 13th
13/08/2023 International Lefthanders Day
13/08/2023 International Wolf Day
19/08/2023 World Humanitarian Day
19/08/2023 World Orangutan Day
19/08/2023 World Photography Day
20/08/2023 World Mosquito Day
21/08/2023 World Senior Citizens Day
23/08/2023 International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
26/08/2023 Women’s Equality Day
26/08/2023 World Dog Day
29/08/2023 International Day against Nuclear Tests
30/08/2023 International Day of the Disappeared
30/08/2023 International Whale Shark Day
31/08/2023 International Overdose Awareness Day

International/  Observance in September 2023

01/09/2023 World Freestyle Football Day
04/09/2023 International Vulture Awareness Day
04/09/2023 World Sexual Health Day
05/09/2023 International Day of Charity
06/09/2023 Fight Procrastination Day
08/09/2023 International Literacy Day
08/09/2023 World Physical Therapy Day
10/09/2023 World Suicide Prevention Day
13/09/2023 International Programmers’ Day
15/09/2023 International Day of Democracy
16/09/2023 International Day of Preservation
17/09/2023 Still’s Disease Awareness Day
17/09/2023 World Patient Safety Day
18/09/2023 International Red Panda Day
18/09/2023 World Cleanup Day
18/09/2023 World Water Monitoring Day
19/09/2023 International Talk Like a Pirate Day
20/09/2023 International Day of University Sport
21/09/2023 International Day of Peace
21/09/2023 Zero Emissions Day
22/09/2023 Hobbit Day
22/09/2023 Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients)
22/09/2023 World Car Free Day
22/09/2023 World Rhino Day
23/09/2023 International Celebrate Bisexuality Day
23/09/2023 International Day of Sign Languages
24/09/2023 World Gorilla Day
25/09/2023 As You Wish Day
26/09/2023 World Cassowary Day
26/09/2023 World Contraception Day
26/09/2023 World Environmental Health Day
26/09/2023 World Maritime Day
26/09/2023 World Rivers Day
27/09/2023 World Tourism Day
28/09/2023 Ask a Stupid Question Day
28/09/2023 International Day for the Universal Access to Information
28/09/2023 International Safe Abortion Day
28/09/2023 World Rabies Day
29/09/2023 World Heart Day
30/09/2023 International Translation Day

International/ Observance in October 2023

01/10/2023 International Coffee Day
01/10/2023 World Smile Day
01/10/2023 International Day of Older Persons
01/10/2023 World Vegetarian Day
02/10/2023 International Day of Non-Violence
02/10/2023 World Farm Animals Day
04/10/2023 World Animal Day
04/10/2023 World Habitat Day
05/10/2023 World Teachers’ Day
06/10/2023 Energy Efficiency Day
06/10/2023 World Cerebral Palsy Day
09/10/2023 World Post Day
10/10/2023 World Mental Health Day
11/10/2023 International Day of the Girl Child
13/10/2023 International Day for Disaster Reduction
14/10/2023 International E-Waste Day
14/10/2023 World Sight Day
14/10/2023 World Standards Day
15/10/2023 Global Handwashing Day
15/10/2023 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
15/10/2023 World Students Day
15/10/2023 World White Cane Day (guiding the blind)
16/10/2023 World Food Day
17/10/2023 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
18/10/2023 World Okapi Day
18/10/2023 World Vasectomy Day
20/10/2023 International Sloth Day
20/10/2023 World Osteoporosis Day
20/10/2023 World Statistics Day
21/10/2023 Reptile Awareness Day
22/10/2023 International Stuttering Awareness Day
22/10/2023 International Wombat Day
23/10/2023 International Snow Leopard Day
23/10/2023 Mole Day
24/10/2023 Freshwater Dolphin Day
24/10/2023 International Day of Climate Action
24/10/2023 International Gibbon Day
24/10/2023 United Nations Day
24/10/2023 World Development Information Day
26/10/2023 Intersex Awareness Day
27/10/2023 Sustainability Day!
27/10/2023 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
29/10/2023 World Lemur Day
29/10/2023 World Stroke Day
29/10/2023 World Thrift Day
31/10/2023 Halloween

International/  Observance in November 2023

01/11/2023 World Vegan Day
02/11/2023 All Souls’ Day
02/11/2023 International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists
04/11/2023 International Day Against Violence and Bullying at School, including Cyberbullying
05/11/2023 World Tsunami Day
06/11/2023 International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
07/11/2023 Infant Protection Day
08/11/2023 Intersex Day of Remembrance
09/11/2023 World Freedom Day
10/11/2023 Transport Day
10/11/2023 World Science Day for Peace and Development
11/11/2023 Armistice Day
11/11/2023 Singles’ Day
12/11/2023 World Pneumonia Day
13/11/2023 World Kindness Day
14/11/2023 International Day against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property
14/11/2023 World Diabetes Day
16/11/2023 International Day for Tolerance
17/11/2023 World Prematurity Day
18/11/2023 World Philosophy Day
19/11/2023 International Men’s Day
19/11/2023 World Toilet Day
20/11/2023 Transgender Day of Remembrance
20/11/2023 Universal Children’s Day
21/11/2023 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
21/11/2023 World Fisheries Day
21/11/2023 World Hello Day
21/11/2023 World Television Day
25/11/2023 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
26/11/2023 Anti Obesity Day
26/11/2023 World Olive Tree Day
27/11/2023 Buy Nothing Day
29/11/2023 International Jaguar Day
30/11/2023 Cities for Life Day

International/  Observance in December 2023

01/12/2023 World AIDS Day
02/12/2023 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
03/12/2023 International Day of Persons with Disabilities
04/12/2023 International Cheetah Day
05/12/2023 International Volunteer Day
05/12/2023 World Soil Day
07/12/2023 International Civil Aviation Day
09/12/2023 International Anti-Corruption Day
10/12/2023 Human Rights Day
11/12/2023 International Mountain Day
11/12/2023 UNICEF Day
12/12/2023 Universal Health Coverage Day
14/12/2023 Monkey Day
14/12/2023 World Energy Conservation Day
15/12/2023 International Tea Day
17/12/2023 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
18/12/2023 International Migrants Day
20/12/2023 International Human Solidarity Day
21/12/2023 Global Orgasm
25/12/2023 Christmas Day
26/12/2023 Boxing Day
31/12/2023 New Year’s Eve

Days Recognized by the United Nations

  • World Radio Day – To recognize the importance of the Radio, United Nations celebrate World Radio Day on 13th February every year.
  • World Day of Social Justice – Social Justice is crucial in the removal of discriminatory laws and upliftment of society. To acknowledge the importance of Social Justice. World Day of Social Justice is observed on 20th February.
  • Zero Discrimination Day – There should not be any kind of discrimination against anyone. Everyone is equal and has equal rights. To celebrate this Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated on 1st March.
  • International Day of Happiness – In our busy lives, we should never forget the importance of being happy. To promote the importance of happiness International Day of Happiness is observed on 20th March.
  • World Poetry Day – Poetry has a soothing effect on our minds. It can give amazing relaxation. UNESCO celebrates World Poetry Day on 21st March.
  • International Family Day – UN celebrates International Family Day on 15th On this day, the importance of our families in our lives is acknowledged.
  • World Telecommunication and Information Society Day – Telecommunication is an integrated part of our life. UN recognizes the importance of Telecommunication and Information on this day.
  • Global Day of Parents – No one can take place of parents in our life. To appreciate the role of parents in a child’s life and to honour them Global Day of Parents is celebrated.
  • World Day against Child Labour – Child labor is a crime and we must take necessary steps to eradicate the same. To spread awareness regarding the same World Day against Child Labour is observed every year on 12th June.
  • World Refugee Day – Every year lakhs of people are forced to leave their homes behind and become refugees. The UN has decided to observe the date of 20th June to support the refugees and show solidarity with them.
  • International Widows Day – Widows have to face a lot of trouble in life after the death of their husbands. The UN has set aside the day of 23rd June to show solidarity with Widows.
  • International Day of Cooperatives – Cooperative societies contribute a lot to the development of society. The world acknowledges their contributions on the International day of cooperatives.
  • World Population Day – The population around the world the increasing. The situation is very bad in some countries. On World Population Day i.e. 11th July, the awareness regarding population control measures is spread.
  • International Day of Friendship – To recognize the importance of friends, the UN celebrated International Day of Friendship every year on 30th July.
  • International Youth Day – The UN acknowledges the potential of youth and raises their problems on International Youth Day celebrated on 12th August.
  • World Humanitarian Day – World Humanitarian Day is observed on 19th August to praise the work done by humanitarian workers and aid providers around the world.
  • International Day against Nuclear Tests – Weapons of mass destruction like Nuclear bombs are against the world and society. UN Celebrate International Day against Nuclear Tests to request governments not to conduct Nuclear Tests.
  • International Day of Charity – The appreciate charity worker and promote charities around the world, UN recognizes 5th September as global charity day.
  • International Literacy Day – With an aim to eradicate illiteracy completely from our society International Literacy Day is celebrated around the globe on 8th
  • International Day of Democracy – Democracy is a boon for every country and we need to cherish the day. On 15th September International Day of Democracy is celebrated to propagate the need for democracy.
  • International Day of Peace – United Nations observe Internation Day of Peace every year on 21st September to promote peace and cease all conflicts and enmity.
  • World Maritime Day – International Maritime Organization celebrates World Maritime Day with the help of the UN on 26th The aim of this day is to promote sustainable shipping and maritime development.
  • World Tourism Day – World Tourism Day is observed every year on 27th The aim behind the celebration of this day is to promote tourism around the globe and reiterate the importance of this sector.
  • International Day of Older Persons – We all need to respect our elders and give them due care and love. UN wants to draw more attention of the world toward our senior citizens. That’s why it observes 1st October as International Day of Older persons.
  • International Day of Non-Violence – International Day of Non-Violence is celebrated on 2nd UN celebrates International Day of Non-Violence on this because it is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • United Nations Day – The United Nations Day is celebrated on 24th October every year. It is so because the United Nations was set up on 24th October 1945.
  • World Science Day for Peace and Development – United Nations celebrate this day on 10th November to promote the use of science for Peace and Development.
  • International Day for Tolerance – In modern society, intolerance is on a rise. To promote peace and harmony among people, the International Day of Tolerance is observed on 16th
  • Universal Children’s Day – Globally, Children’s day is celebrated on 20th Please note that it is different from India’s Children’s day that is celebrated on 14th November.
  • World Philosophy Day – UN has decided to celebrate 21st November as World Philosophy Day to honour philosophers around the world.
  • World Television Day – Television has changed the world in which we live drastically. World Television Day is celebrated every year on 21st November 2023
  • International Civil Aviation Day – 7th December is observed as World’s Civil Aviation day. On the day, the civil aviation staff around the globe is appreciated.
  • International Anti-Corruption Day – Corruption is disastrous for the world’s economy. So, it is important for us to get rid of the same. To promote measures against corruption, Internation Anti-Corruption day is observed on 9 December.
  • Human Rights Day – Human Rights are the most important right that every human on earth has. UN recognizes the need for Human rights on 10th December.

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